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'Rock and melt when you're on fire for music. Long live the piano!'

(The Masked Pianoman)


Welcome to my homepage - glad that you are here!

I live only for music, I live only for my piano. There is no blood flowing in my veins, there are tones and melodies flowing. My calm compositions can be heard on all streaming platforms since 2020 and reach millions of listeners every month - enjoy these quiet, relaxing pieces and find your inner peace with my personal 'Felt Piano' sound.

But just as much, I love covering great music by other artists and posting those videos - you can find them on my Instagram, facebook, TikTok and YouTube channels. Click on the icons below and follow me - there are new clips every week that will delight you:

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August 8th, 2023:

After my album "Where my Sun rises" was released on June 23rd, I am happy to present the new release dates of my new album called 'Words of Wisdom':

August, 18th, 2023: Recreation

September, 15th, 2023: Equilibrium

October, 13th, 2023: Resilience

November, 10th, 2023: Mindfulness

December, 8th, 2023: Faraway Place

January, 5th, 2024: Reclusiveness

February 2nd, 2024: Words of Wisdom (album)

I went back into the depths of my soul and composed as I know best - quietly, in deep peace with myself and the world, and the greatest possible relaxation. Be curious and let me know on my social media channels how you like the new compositions!

Cheers, The Masked Pianoman


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